It’s all about trip-hop.

Comment, register, or just read, watch and listen. I know there are still a few of us out there, who like to nod our stoned heads to the sweet beats and hum along with heavenly vocals.

Album reviews featured here are just mine (and my co-authors’) humble opinions as music fans not affiliated with any commercial label or pretending to be any kind of expert. We are (obviously) affiliated with our own netlablel Trippin’ The Rift Records, this is why we don’t review our own releases but do present them to you in an appetizing manner ­čśŤ

REVIEWS. I have been receiving an increasing amount of review requests lately, so I think I should lay some ground rules. I cannot guarantee to review every single submission. I do (unfortunately) have a (sometimes quite exhausting) full-time day job and (fortunately) a (wonderful loving) family, so as much as I would like to dedicate more time to this publication, I simply cannot.┬áIf your release┬áseems interesting enough and I have enough time┬áI promise that I will try my best to┬áreview it as soon as possible. But! Please don’t get upset if my review will not turn out quite like you expected. I am not trying to be objective in my reviews (oh, no), but I am always trying to be honest. Forgive me for that.

I don’t review albums that are over a month old and am focusing mostly on LP’s. Feel free to send me EP’s as well, just keep in mind that they have lower chances of appearing on my pages. I don’t review singles or do “blurbs” (unless I personally find something “blurb-worthy”).

Please do not send just links to your music or just press-releases. You’re more than welcome to attach both or either to your email, but I have to know what exactly do you want from me, so please take a second to type up a short message (“Check this out” or “Enjoy” don’t qualify as messages). I do (and will) ignore emails that only contain press-releases or music links. I’m not a big company or a robot, I’m a human being, please try to communicate with me as with one.

AIRPLAY. More people are sending me music for airplay these days, so I feel like I need to explain some things about my radio. 1. I do accept almost everything that comes my way. I’m not very picky and all about diversity. It has to be somewhat within genre boundaries though (I won’t play anything super-experimental, sorry) 2. Trippin’ The Rift radio is not a “real” radio station, meaning that I don’t do any scheduled programming or live shows. It is basically a giant playlist on shuffle. So, if your music is accepted, it will pop up randomly, whenever Winamp decides to play it. 3. The station is non-commercial (it actually costs me money to keep it running, so it’s actually “a-commercial”), therefore I play mostly CC-licensed music. If you provided your copyrighted music for airplay, you shouldn’t expect any kind of payment from me (please have your lawyer read this before sending me you music).

If you like to get your music reviewed or your project to be FEA(U)TUREd on this blog, visit KONTAKT page or write to If you want to advertise your product/service/website by placing a banner we can discuss the rates (believe me, they are VERY reasonable).

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