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Anji Bee - Love Me Leave MeAnji Bee - Love Me Leave Me

Anji Bee – Love Me Leave Me

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT Immensely pleasant – this is how I would describe this debut solo LP by Anji Bee. Yes, this is exactly what some people like to call “elevator trip-hop”, but I like to think of this term as “music that elevates your spirit”. Sometimes (and by “sometimes” I mean...
Nate Connelly - A Dream About Being LostNate Connelly - A Dream About Being Lost

Nate Connelly – A Dream About Being Lost

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s something from last year that many of you might have missed with all the holiday craziness. An excellent release from a young label Blind Colour, this is the debut album by Nate Connelly, yet it is filled with talent and confindence from the...
Josh Furey - PetalsJosh Furey - Petals

Josh Furey – Petals

Is it OK to refer to a great album as ‘sophisticated’? I feel like such epithet may rob it of some of the love and feeling that went into creating it and replace it with some robotic  coldness. Which is the last thing I want to do to Petals. It’s...
Josh Furey: "What you hear is truly subjective"Josh Furey: "What you hear is truly subjective"

Josh Furey: “What you hear is truly subjective”

Allow me introduce the person who was able to bring trippin’ the rift back to life – Josh Furey. His new album Petals is coming out this Friday, and trippin’ the rift grabbed a few minutes of of his busy pre-release schedule to talk about him and his music. tipkin...
Important radio update

Important radio update

Dearest trippin’ the rift radio listeners! Please update your streaming URLs – I changed broadcasting service/server and now streaming at a higher bitrate (of 96 Kbps). So, listen! Now! New streaming URL for Winamp/iTunes is Yay! Radio!
The Wishing Machine - Crush Test (video)

The Wishing Machine – Crush Test (video)

A delightfully dark video from The Wishing Machine. Follow them at Directed by Nono La Mine (I think).
Nate Connelly - You Echo (video)

Nate Connelly – You Echo (video)

A great, dark and very well-acted music video (a short film, basically) for a single from Nate Connelly‘s debut album just released on Blind Colour label. Follow Nate Connelly at Directed by Tim Porter.
SaBolgia Miuzik - Man In A Spaceship (video)

SaBolgia Miuzik – Man In A Spaceship (video)

This is definitely European, from SaBolgia Miuzik (Italy). Such a simple concept but what a fun video, and the track itself is pretty neat. Directed by Fred Byron.
Paradame - Blind (feat. J. Lee) (video)

Paradame – Blind (feat. J. Lee) (video)

The last one for today. And again, not European! Well, it’s from Seattle, which to me is like America’s Europe. So much electronica and hip/hop greatness there. This one is definitely hip-hop, I liked the “riddim”, very catchy, and damn, Paradame is a hotty (sorry, just had to say that)! Visit her website at
Alarke - Angel (video)

Alarke – Angel (video)

Here’s a strange one from Alarke. Definitely an interesting sound (I like the “twist” at the last minute of the track). More info at Directed by Ellie Lotan. Alarke – Angel [Official Music Video] from Alarke Music on Vimeo.
Kalen - Island (video)

Kalen – Island (video)

A stylish video from Kalen, who certainly has a beautiful voice, so I will follow her. You can, too, at Directed by Carmen Osterlye. ISLAND (Official Music Video) from Kalen on Vimeo.
Sequence Theory Project - Silence (video)

Sequence Theory Project – Silence (video)

Healthy dose of creepiness, nonsense, and modern dance from Sequence Theory Project. Directed by Cleopatra Dimitriou.

Nightmares On Wax Live Session on KCRW, Los Angeles

Nightmares On Wax (DJ EASE with an awesome crew – the percussionist absolutely kills it!) performs several tracks from his new album Feelin’ Good.
The Parov Stelar tour movie

The Parov Stelar tour movie

I know Parov Stelar doesn’t really “fit the profile” or whatever, but his/their music is different and great, and I just know many fans of trippy electronica swing that way (pun intended) when they want something upbeat. And fuck “profiles” anyway! This tour documentary looks really fun, and it’s free from Parov Stelar website.

Back from the dead

Yeah! Trippin’s back, alright! Thanks for checking up on me, thank you to all people still listening to Trippin’ The Rift Radio, thank you for still loving this trippy music. I hope this burst of activity lasts longer than the previous one, because there is sure a lot to cover. This is why I’m changing...


After much consideration I decided to press the ‘Pause’ button on trippin’ the rift. Hopefully not forever (I put way too much effort into this project to just abandon it like that) but definitely for a couple of months at least. I will keep the radio alive and will try to update the ‘New and...