There is an expression that is often used in the context of trip-hop – ‘England-style’. So, Alpha, diligently following footprints of Massive Attack and Portishead ever since 1996 and due to that diligent following still had not acquired their own recognizable sound by 2001 (i.e. the time of the release of The Impossible Thrill). Is it a bad or a good thing I’d rather not say. Because, on one hand, the music is “England-style” quality and is, in its way, very good. On the other hand, it lacks that zest that would make one fall in love with it; there is mournful downtempo, as mournful as it gets, with a few glimpses like “South” and “Especial”. Three vocalists are featured on the album –  Wendy Stubbs, Helen White and Martin Barnard, which, in my opinion, helped to diversify the overall melancholy. Conclusion: on my personal list Alpha with their The Impossible Thrill is solid but still the middle. But You, the curious and unfamiliar with them listener, should see for yourself…

Alpha – “Wise”

personal favs: “South”, “Especial”

★★½☆☆ Hu7ker’s rating

eng. translation – tipkin

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