Amon Tobin knows. Everything. In particular that we all are waiting for his new album ISAM with about-to-piss-my-pants kind of excitement. And that we are a bit scared – what if it’s too crazy, what if if is too different from what we used to (= what we want to hear). We will find out soon, but for now Amon Tobin eases some of this tension with a Q&A session with his fans, with questions picked from Facebook and Twitter.

Q: what part of the production process did you spend the most time on with this project?
A: I did spend allot of time learning new techniques in sound and instrument design. I spent about six months learning new software and hardware then the same amount of time adapting them to my needs.

Q: What tune/s are you most satisfied with?
A: I love all my children : )

Q: What part of the creative process did you enjoy the most? hate, if any?
A: I love’d learning new things. being surprised by it all.

Q:were you working on any other side projects we haven’t heard about while doing this one? and if so, do you feel that had an influence to this album in some way?
A: this is the only long term thing I’ve been working on for the last couple of years. I put aside pretty much all sound track work and shows.. my extensive commitments to charity work, spiritual consultation to the stars and fighting crime. basically anything that would have been sensible or unselfish to do and instead dedicated myself completely to making this record.

Q: what everyone wants to know, what can we expect?
A: a labor of love made without a shred of a care for much else.

Read the rest of the Q&A on Amon Tobin‘s website.

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