Amon Tobin is going to be a regular in “Film Friday” tag. I mean, the guy does a lot of soundtracks. For all kinds of video products. How does he find these gigs, I don’t know (and don’t actually care all that much), but he does, and now even if we hate the visual part of the film, at least we can enjoy the audio. Fortunately, the visual part of The Gift is equally great. It’s a part of Philips‘ promo film project called Parallel Lines, where five different directors were given the same six lines of dialog (and, I would assume, a decent chunk of dough) and asked to make a short film based on them. I haven’t seen all of them (yet), but The Gift is a sci-fi geek’s wet dream – android-dominated dystopia, mysterious box, high-speed chase, machine-gun fire… And, in addition, it takes place in my homeland’s capitol – the snowy Russia (the 6 lines of dialog are in Russian, too, but there are subtitles, don’t you worry)! It’s very short, under 5 minutes, so the whole soundtrack is shorter than most of Tobin’s songs, but he does a very thorough job helping create a dark tense environment for film’s universe (especially in the chase scene). Enjoy the show.

Watch other Parallel Lines films here.

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