The million dollar question is answered, my friends. The North Pole is discovered. The Eagle has landed. What is trip-hop? Trip-hop is music that’s dark and sexy. That’s it. Genius lies in simplicity. Genius also lies in lots of hard work and insane skills required to produce something that is dark and sexy. Am I calling Anomie Belle a genius? Yes I am. She recorded her first trip-hop song when she was ten years old. I’m sure it was pretty dark (it was inspired by the soundtrack to Child’s Play) but it was a love song! More about that – in the upcoming exclusive interview with Anomie Belle (yep, that’s right), now let’s get to the new release. How Can I Be Sure is a little 4-track EP that is full of big surprises. I like surprises. Even when they aren’t pleasant, they make life less boring. And when they are pleasant, they make life worth living. Every one of the four tracks on How Can I Be Sure is a surprise. The opening title track knocks the socks right off of any trip-hop fan. Whatever you like about trip-hop – it’s all there: the fattest slowly progressing beat, amazing vocals, instrumental parts that are appropriate and organic, a bit of static noise and an eerie sample. Call it old-school or nostalgic if you want, I call it good music. You can pick up your socks, but don’t put them back on – the following live version of “How Can I Be Sure” is just as awesome. The spotlight is naturally on Anomie’s vocals and they shine and sparkle under it. Minus eerie sample – plus spacey keyboard and sweetly aggressive live drums and talking guitar. The next track is yet another surprise that took some major guts to produce. A cover of Radiohead‘s “Everything In Its Right Place”, no less. Don’t hate before listening – this is a really respectful cover, not one of those that try to strip the original off everything that made it so good. Anomie Belle leaves everything… in its right place (I know, I know) and then adds some of her sexiness to it. And then comes a playful glitchy remix of “Cascade” by Azeda Booth, that breaks down the trip-hop pattern but leaves the seductive whispers. I’m going to save the star ratings and the excitement for the LP release, because I feel that I will need lots of both. Feel it too – preview How Can I Be Sure on Anomie Belle‘s website now and buy it when it comes out on March 29th.

R.I.Y.L. Massive Attack – “Live With Me”, vampire love stories

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