Well, let’s listen to the thing, shall we? Yes, we sure shall. Machine EP is 5 tracks packed with all kinds of electronica goodness. If you haven’t heard The Crush, you’re a loser you should definitely check out Machine EP, because it based around the title track (featuring Mr.Lif) that perfectly captures the dark, sexy and intense drive of the album, and the remixes are guaranteed to intrigue you enough to make you want to listen to the originals. If you heard The Crush, you should definitely check out Machine EP as well, because it features “Slither” – a brand new and absolutely gorgeous collaboration with Ian Pickering of Sneaker Pimps, and three remixes that make Anomie Belle‘s genius sparkle in new lights. “Machine” is my favorite track on The Crush, but on the EP it isn’t the star of the show. Actually, it’s just one of the show’s 5 stars. I found myself completely dissolved in “Slither”‘s dark atmosphere, hypnotic beat and those unearthly strings (warning! the may tear your soul apart!) and only Anomie Belle‘s silky vocals guided me through the darkness. It is so damn good that could easily spawn an entire album – and maybe (fingers crossed!) we will see something like that – “Slither” wasn’t the only product of the collaboration. “Machine” follows, quickly getting us back to reality (maybe a bit too quickly, but I understand that on a 5-track EP there’s not much room for subtleties). And Tapage‘s glitchy re-working of “Electric Lullaby” brings us right back to the dream world. Listening to Machine EP is sort of like swimming butterfly stroke – one moment you’re underwater, you can’t breathe, all you can see is bottomless deep darkness. Next moment you’re above the surface, you catch the light reflecting in splashing water, you hear all the sounds of the world at once. And then you go back under. “Electric Lullaby” is definitely one of the “underwater” moments – very Radiohead-y, with Anomie Belle‘s digitized vocals shimmering between glitchy beats. Then you’re above again – in the uptempo “Bodies Offering” (Other Lovers Mix) made by Anomie Belle herself, breathing twilight becomes an urban romance – fast, direct but tender and sensual (adding strings was such a nice touch). Big Spider’s Back concludes the EP with the dance remix of “Machine”. I picked the wrong word to describe it in the Q&A – it isn’t bouncy, it’s not fist-pumping-jump-around-in-da-club kind of dance remix. It’s more like “I close my eyes and give myself to the beat” kind of dance. Definitely an “under” moment, more Moby than Fatboy Slim.

As usual, Anomie Belle provides more than a few great tunes. She (and, here on Machine EP, her talented collaborators) gives us an experience, a chance to… take chances, to open our minds after we opened our ears to her music. Machine EP comes out tomorrow, go to www.anomiebelle.com to get your copy.

R.I.Y.L. Massive Attack – “Paradise Circus”, Radiohead – Kid A, swimming butterfly stroke
personal favs: “Slither”, “Bodies Offering” (Other Lovers Mix)

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