I fell in love with her right away. As the first notes of “Down” started playing, I knew – this is love. And when she started singing – I drowned… Anomie Belle‘s (born Toby Campbell) debut album Sleeping Patterns (2008) is something so beautiful, deep and sensual, that it is impossible to refrain from the evenly distributed foolish raptures and romantic “aw”. Girl-orchestra who aside from her profound voice has cello, guitar, keyboards, drums and all kinds of electronic trinkets in her arsenal, wrote and recorded just a very, very soulful album. Smooth, tender, (I’ll say it again) beautiful compositions are streaming like water, flowing from one into another. The main, I guess, hit of the album – “How Can I Be Sure”, which is featured, by the way, in the Limited Collector’s Edition OST for the PC game Alan Wake. The spectacular “Cascade” – composition which doesn’t require any lyrics; the music says more. The sad “February Sun”, relaxing “Dox Amsterdam”…

…Wanna know more? Follow the white rabbit

personal favs: “How Can I Be Sure”, “Bedtime Stories”, “Cascade”

★★★★½ Hu7ker’s rating

eng. translation – tipkin

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