This album has many great things going for it. Starting with a very tasteful cover art and a very fitting title. It is a ‘4 am’ type of music, the time when you’re a bit tired, slightly (or very much) drunk, slightly (or very much) in love with the person next to you and want to hear something that won’t interfere with your meaningful (or not so much) conversation but that you would actually listen to if you’re somehow are excluded from that conversation. The music that will try to keep you going at that late hour but that isn’t aggressive melodically or excessively metaphysical lyrically. Vocals by Mary Ognibene are beautiful and the beats on some songs are pure gold. A very strong opening, – synth-heavy but without the electro- roughness (which I’m sure you all are as tired already as much as I am) – “And I Rest” makes a very nice introduction. Then there is a trip-hoppy “Heed The Warning” and the absolutely lovely “Savages” with that organic combination of vocals, guitars and keys that sort of sent me back to the 80’s electro-pop, but at the same time sounded very fresh and without the “revivalism” aftertaste. I wish this would define Dotsun Moon‘s style, in which case it probably wouldn’t make it to the pages of this blog due to genre differences, but I would have a much greater pleasure listening to it. However, the album takes an unexpected turn into Nickcaveland with “Who Do You Love”. This is where the music leaves the ‘4 am’ terrain or maybe stays there (or ‘then’) but on a different night. The instrumental “Pedals” is nice but doesn’t contribute much to the album. Mary Ognibene‘s vocals make a welcome comeback with the poetic “Glory”, and the last part of the album is pretty solid and could have probably been released as a separate trip-hop EP – “Time For Talk” is an excellent ‘Bristol sound’ track. Yet, I wish that the album had more of the “Savage”-ness, and can’t get rid of the that sometimes vocals are somewhat confined within the song structure. Not sure if it’s the case of Dotsun Moon still cautiously testing the stylistic waters or of overworking the material in pursuit of perfection, but I’d sure would like to see more experimentation in the future releases. Still, a solid work, music for friends and by friends, warm and homely record for all your 4 am needs.

Official website of Dotsun Moon

Dotsun Moon – “Heed The Warning”

R.I.Y.L. Alison Moyet, U2, late night drinking
personal favs: “Savages”, “And I Rest”, “Time For Talk”

★★★☆☆ tipkin’s rating

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