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Non Dolet – Inner

Inner is a fragile and delicate record that may just fall apart when not handled properly. And when it is taken apart, when it isn’t listened to in its entirety, then it cannot be heard. This record is like an icicle, trying to embrace the sun but slowly dying from its burning kisses, and every...

Josh Furey – Archaeology

I always find reviewing really good albums harder than really bad ones. While reviewing something crappy not so great, there’s lots of room for your twisted brain to roam and lots of un-tasty nuggets for your dirty mouth to feed on. “This is a weak rip-off of that and this song belongs on John Voight-produced...

Tricky, Ed Kowalczyk & Hawkman – Evolution Revolution Love (video)

Hello everyone! Long time no see. As usual, nothing new, just good tested old. This time in our programme a video from Tricky’s 2001 album Blowback fro the song “Evolution Revolution Love”. Along with the gloomy trip-hopper – Ed Kowalczyk of Live and rapper Hawkman. eng. translation – tipkin

Anomie Belle – Sleeping Patterns WidgetsI fell in love with her right away. As the first notes of “Down” started playing, I knew – this is love. And when she started singing – I drowned… Anomie Belle‘s (born Toby Campbell) debut album Sleeping Patterns (2008) is something so beautiful, deep and sensual, that it is impossible to refrain from...

Second Person – Gone Fishing (video)

Video for the song “Gone Fishing” by the British trio Second Person (Julia Johnson, Mark Maclaine, Alvaro Lopez) about “a mermaid and a rescued fish”. The album is still not finished, three years had passed already, but I really liked the song. So, let’s watch and wait for the news. Second Person – “Gone Fishing”...

(Русский) CherryVata – Где!?

sorry, this entry is only available in Русский.

Anomie Belle – Bumbershoot 9.7.09

Bumbershoot Music Festival, Seattle, september, 2009. Anomie Belle’s set with special guest – rapper Mr. Lif

Alpha – The Impossible Thrill WidgetsThere is an expression that is often used in the context of trip-hop – ‘England-style’. So, Alpha, diligently following footprints of Massive Attack and Portishead ever since 1996 and due to that diligent following still had not acquired their own recognizable sound by 2001 (i.e. the time of the release of The Impossible Thrill)....

Spylab – Celluloid Hypnotic (video)

Kenny Inglis and Jon Gillies are conducting “inhumane” experiments on extortion of voice from the population utilizing mixers, hypnotic suspensions and 25th frame. This time their victim is a good-looking girl with pleasant vocals. Spylab – “Celluloid Hypnotic” eng. translation – tipkin

Kosheen – Kokopelli

In Hopi mythology, Kokopelli is one of the fertility deities, often depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with a huge phallus and tentacle-like protrusions on the head). The essence of fertility in the ancient times consisted of agriculture and childbirth. The latest is directly connected with the human sexuality, so it’s not surprising that...

Kosheen – Hungry (video)

tipkin - Allow me to introduce another new author - Hu7ker. A video from Kosheen‘s first album Resist. It came out in February 2001 and, by the way, sold over half a million copies. Watch and…  sing along! Kosheen - “Hungry”

Rekevin – Nulukatuk

It happens sometimes, my dearest readers, that you have to share something very precious, something close to the heart, something that settled in your soul and isn’t ever going to leave it. And right now I, feeling  like a little kid who is showing off his favorite toy, but sure enough doesn’t want to give...