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A taste of Ninja

To give you a slight idea what Ninja Tune is all about the label’s top producers – DJ Food, Eskmo and DJ Kentaro put together (kick-all-ass) mixes of their favorite tracks off the upcoming Ninja Tune XX anniversary box set. The best part? They are FREE to download. Enjoy while they last: DJ Food –...

Lisa Papineau – Sorry I Cannot English (live)

Watch Lisa Papineau create breathtaking, fragile and bone-chilling magic right on the floor of Glassroom at Sargent House.

Directly from Antarctica!

Since after the early 90’s the style of music that emerged in England gradually became multinational. But you can’t imagine my amazement when in the vast scopes of the net I’ve found Infamous Deed. Really, I would have never thought of “trip-creativity” in Antarctica, and yet the band’s debut album onoffonoffonoff broke the geographical boundaries...