Trip With Me


Lisa Papineau – Sorry I Cannot English (live)

Watch Lisa Papineau create breathtaking, fragile and bone-chilling magic right on the floor of Glassroom at Sargent House.

Baby Blue in Tokyo

Watch the magnificent Martina Topley-Bird walk the streets of downtown Tokyo singing “Baby Blue” like nobody’s business. Part of Hennessy artistry Street Session project.

Massive Attack Live Session on KCRW, Los Angeles

Morcheeba Live Session on KCRW, Los Angeles

Glastonbury mixtape

Glastonbury Festival starts today. Of course you’re not there (otherwise why would you be reading this). But here’s a lil’ somethin’-somethin’ from me (and NME): a 20-track mixtape featuring tracks by participating bands. Why are we interested? Because there’s a track by Bonobo on it! And because it’s free! And because it’s fuckin’ Glastonbury!