FlunkFlunk doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. In fact, you have to introduce yourself to Flunk‘s music, and once you’ve done so, it will become your closest friend. I’m not sure what their secret is. Maybe it is that there is no secret, just pure honest melodies and Anja Oyen Vister‘s enchanting vocals. Flunk‘s producer Ulf Nygaard kindly agreed to answer a few questions for the readers of trippin’ the rift.

tipkin You’ve been kind of staying off the radar since This Is What You Get came out last year. What has Flunk been up to in 2010?

Ulf – Not much, and a lot. Well, guitarist Jo [Bakke] got a daughter in February. And Anja got a son just a few days later. So I guess that means they’ve been busy bees. Myself I’m working on my Norwegian Folk & Røvere project, making album number nine.

t. – To me TIWYG (which I absolutely loved and it was on Repeat in my player for a good couple of weeks, and still is in there, just mixed with other stuff) seemed like a bit of a departure in style: more acoustic, “live” sound. Other highlighting Anja‘s magnificent voice, what was the idea behind it?

U. – Well, I guess the album was very influenced by me being way into dubstep by the time – and for a couple of years before the album was finished. Burial totally changed my production preferences. Like Massive Attack did back in the very early 90’s. But we also like to make typical Flunk tracks, like “Love Hearts” and probably “Speedskating”. And then again we also fancy acoustic stuff, some of our songs fits guitar and voice best, I think, like some of them we play live.

t. – Covering “Karma Police” was a risky step. Who came up with the idea and what was the reaction of the fans – both yours and Radiohead‘s?

U. – As most covers, it tend to be my idea. And we love to do very ‘risky’ songs, like “Blue Monday”… I’m not sure if we scored hundred percent on “Karma Police”, in fact I think that is a track that is more beautiful and ‘gripping’ with just Anja‘s voice and guitar. We didn’t get too many reactions – most were like ‘that was interesting’… 🙂

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