I like posting music videos – it doesn’t require a whole lot of writing, it attracts a lot of readers and it’s always interesting to sort of match the music and the visualizations, to see if the video complements the track or is it more like a mini-film that uses the song as soundtrack (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I usually don’t like when videos are too literal, but it isn’t a problem with electronic music, especially when there are no vocals involved – who knows what this song is about. Yet sometimes you watch the video and go “Yep. This is exactly what this song is about.” Just like this fun animated abstraction for Wagon Christ‘s “Chunkothy” from his latest album Toomorrow. All kinds of funky brightly colored weirdness happens, there’s no point in describing. Apparently there’s even a ‘Mexican cat’ somewhere in there, whatever the hell that means. Directed by Celyn Brazier.

Wagon Christ – “Chunkothy”

I’m not sure if I totally dig the direction Pati Yang went with her new release Wires And Sparks, but her talent is undeniable and the video for “Near To God” is pretty cool – sexy and creepy at the same time, with Pati singing in church with a double set of emotionless teenage twin sisters. Couldn’t find director’s name. Help?

Pati Yang – “Near To God”

Don’t know how official this video is (it’s definitely not on Ninja Tune channel), but it looks like it was made specifically for Amon Tobin‘s “Mass & Spring”. I personally don’t share author’s ultra-dark interpretation of the track, but the video features a very attractive girl in negligee, so I’m not complaining. Created by the29nov films.

Amon Tobin – “Mass & Spring”

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