Well, hell’s balls. I knew that it was trippin’ the rift‘s birthday and I was supposed to post some sort of celebratory-type speech sort of thing or whatnot. I mean I made a huge deal out of 100th post, didn’t I? But I came back from work, all tired, sweating from this insanely hot weather that’s been going on the past few days, with a broken AC in my house and no money whatsoever to fix it and some other personal things that I’m not gonna share with you just yet (as if you cared anyway), with a whole bunch of releases that needed my reviews a freakin’ month ago but never got any, with interviews that are waiting to be edited and with absolutely no energy, inspiration or desire to do any of that shit. So, in one general word – not in the mood for singing “Happy Birthday dear Trippin'” or executing virtual pinatas.

But I got up today, consumed my mandatory two cups of java (Winston Wolfe style – lots of cream, lots of sugar), got to posting stuff for the new release (which I like and you should check it out), and thought, heck, I’m still going, broken AC and all, I’m still doing it, and some of you out there are digging what I’m doing, and I should probably just keep doing it until I get my internet cut off for not paying (which is a scary possibility, but not all that impossible). Or until I go deaf. Or something, you get the point. I mean, one year is, objectively, not that much time for a thematic blog, right? Especially the one that doesn’t write about new gadgets or… new gadgets. Yeah, I haven’t even quite reached a 100 hits a day yet (maybe I did now with those insane peaks after spamming Stumbleupon – not sure how that works, but it’s just crazy), but the number is growing month by month without any kinds of “targeted advertising” or whatever you’re supposed to be doing to get people to visit your website. I hope that even those ones who ended up here accidentally when searching for something related to Tripping The Rift – the sci-fi animated series (which I never thanked for their name and am happy to do now – Thank you for this kick-ass name, hope you’re not mad at me for borrowing it) – weren’t too pissed and found something that was somewhat interesting. And I think I tried to post some interesting stuff here. I mean, all those interviews with Flunk, DJ Vadim, Wax Tailor, Red Snapper, Anomie Belle… They count for something, right? But to me they just as important as the FEA(U)TURES, where I talk about the flunks and red snappers of tomorrow. I’m happy to do that and will be doing more of that in the future, even if the only people reading them are the musicians themselves and their friends.

And, as a very nice birthday present I finally got an email from a potential co-writer, whom I’m needing desperately. I haven’t heard back from him yet after my reply, but I hope I didn’t scare him away.

So, all in all, Happy Birhday, trippin’ the rift! You can wish me a Happy belated Birthday, too (and some of you already did). Or not. That’s not what this is about. It’s about music.

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