I’m sure that Ukrainian (and not only) fans of electronica, jazz and just good music are familiar with the work of  Jacuzzi Project one way or another – if not from seeing them play at major regional festivals, then from their two studio albums (one of which trippin’ the rift had a pleasure reviewing last year). We caught up with JP to see if there were any news and turned out that they have a ton of news to share. They are men (and a woman) of few words but who needs pointless chit-chat when there’s so much music to listen to?

tipkinFirst of all, for whoever isn’t familiar with your project, – what is Jacuzzi Project, how was it founded and why should they care?

Jacuzzi Project – First of all it’s music. Music that is born from the mix of styles, some constantly roiling and breathing experiment. Hence Jacuzzi. It just happened that way that we are being actively listened to by the audience of seemingly not bordering each other  music formats.

t. – As far as I know there were some radical changes within the collective since the release of the last album – both in the line-up and in the direction of music.

J.P. – Yes, that’s correct. Two albums were recorded with absolutely different line-ups, because there’s a constant need for the new. In the time of music saturation it’s hard to obtain any truly interesting ideas from yourself as a musician in the first place. Only among the like minded people that are prone to constant experiments you begin feeling real high from the compiled material. The third album will be radically different from the previous ones, which can be judged by the recently presented single ”My Lovely Enemy”.

t. – More important news – launching your own label. What triggered that idea? What artists is the label working at the moment? Does «Fam» in the title come from «family»? Does that reflect the way the label works?

J.P. – In the time of the project’s existence we gathered a bit of experience. Almost all of the musicians that are now or used to be a part of Jacuzzi Project have their side projects with the same quality approach to the material, therefore we share the same idea. Why not create a platform for our related projects? So here’s more of a ‘hangout’ of sorts than a label. Hence the well-grounded “Fam” in the title. So far the members of this family beside JP are two more projects – T.A.U. and Pandub Bear. We try to have concert management done the right way and getting new releases ready.

t. – Tell us about your wild concert schedule.

J.P. – I don’t think you can call our schedule wild compared to the European colleagues, but nonetheless the festival season this year did not pass us by. T.A.U. killed it at Sosedny Mir, Jacuzzi are getting ready for the biggest festivals on Ukraine’s territory, such as Z-Games, Kazantip и Jazz Koktebel.

t. – What else is new with the project? When should we expect a new release?

J.P. – There are studio sessions planned for October for two projects, I think hear Spring 2013 we will please our fans with the debut LP from T.A.U. The Jacuzzi release possibly closer to Summer.

And here’s the aforementioned single. Awesome, isn’t it?

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