Wow, that was a ridiculously long hiatus. I hope you, my dear readers and you, all the wonderful musicians who were expecting a review from me during these past few months, will find it in your beautiful hearts to forgive me. As my wonderful little daughter grows up and I’m getting… not younger, it’s hard to find even a couple of spare minutes, but even when I do – music deserves better than an under-cooked review thrown together in a couple of spare minutes after a long day at work.


Here I am, or even here we are (more about this later) with some exciting news. First of all – new design. Love it or hate it – it’s here to stay – at this point I put so much effort in re-designing that there’s no way I’m going back (but will consider any suggestions). It’s work in progress, so you will have to to “pardon our dust” for a little while.

Second – new Trippin’ The Rift Records release. It’s out, it’s great, it’s free, so get it now! It’s by Dr. m.o.m (with whom I hope to continue all kinds of -ships for a long time)and it’s called Thank You – such a timely and appropriate title and our way to appreciate all our readers just before Thanksgiving! A-a-a-a-and, this brings us right the #3 in our News Countdown (which by no means signifies its lowest inmporatnce) – some of you may know of my long and unsuccessful struggle with finding co-authors for trippin’ the rift. Well, finally this dream came true. Sort of. I din’t find a co-author per se, I found an author who agreed to take on some of the reviewing and will be doing it on his own blog, with me re-posting his reviews here. I must say that I entirely trust his taste (which doesn’t mean that I always agree with his opinions – but that’s what’s good about blogging, right?) and am amazed by his writing skills. He goes by sethmol and some of you may have read his reviews for several TTRR releases. If you haven’t yet – here is the new one, for Dr. m.o.m – Thank You (I am posting the original text without any alterations as I’m planning on doing in the future):

My Own Mind. That’s what the “m.o.m.” stands for. Doctor My Own Mind. The alias of Otari Kakanov, music brain surgeon and pretty handy with scissors. He has cut and assembled a plethora sound pieces from old records and films, pasting together a smoky cast-down atmosphere to dwell in. Influenced by the work of early abstract hip-hop artists, Dr. m.o.m. has gone a level deeper, descending into more somber territory and creating dense textures that knock down walls.

Thank You is a story that takes us through despair and joy. An excursion down a twisted road of unfortunate circumstance that comes to a dead end at rock bottom. Then the assistance of a friend turns everything around and happiness is restored. For that you must tell them thank you. What began as a fun jaunt with ethereal effects and bouncing grooves quickly morphed into a morose chaos soon to be supplanted by a gloomy melancholic pain. Emotive orchestral tones twist around the morose strikes of the piano. Sliding further down until the end of the road unfolds and presents a dimly lit room clouded by smoky vapor. A half empty bottle of whiskey, ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts. Eyes glassed over, faint objects mere blurs of light dancing to the sedate drumbeat and mournful piano.

Through some unexplained karmic portal comes the aid of a familiar comfort. An old friend that is held close to the heart materializes and begins the painstaking process of helping repair the damage from the abuses of life. An astral uplifting begins. Ambient swirls cut through smoke and disperses it, banishing it to another dimension. The drums take over and fill the room with an energetic pulse, commanding the senses into action. The mind has cleared. The room falls away to a bustling city, lighting the sky up with a palette of various colors. Everything has an angelic glow to it, a positive radiance and it would not have been possible without the inspiring guidance of an old friend.

Thank You combines jazz elements and hip hop beats with record scratching and the occasional ambient echo. Borrowing from a varied selection of genres makes it an eccentric familiarity. It’s something we have all heard before but not in this way. All the sounds compliment each other to represent every emotion felt in the whirlwind tale it tells. The moral of the story is to, of course, say Thank You to those you are grateful for. Give thanks to the ones who are always there for you.

Rating: 4 Stars
Standout Track: Reign Over Me

original text

I think it’s a good start. What do you think?

P.S. BTW there is another TTRR release already on the horizon. But I’ll save it for the next news update.

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