Elenika - Shot Again!Trippin’ The Rift Records welcomes Elenika on board and proudly presents her release Shot Again! And when I say ‘proudly’ it’s not just words – I am really proud to be associated with such an extremely talented individual. She writes, produces and sings! We have our own Anomie Belle now 🙂

This is the Trip-Hop you all miss so much. Elenika is a bratty daughter of ‘Bristol sound’, who carries a shiny .45 in her Hello Kitty backpack. She spray-paints her rich-ass Trip-Hop parents’ mansion and hangs out with the ‘wrong types of people’. She will give you a ride in her limo, but you may end up in a ditch at the end of the night. Her melodies are beautiful, her voice is seductive and her lyrics are filled with sweet violence. You will either love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. And you better love, otherwise she will “kill you with a smile”.

Get your copy of Elenika Shot Again! on Bandcamp or on Mininova if you prefer torrents.

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