I will be gone for the most of the September, so before I “make like a tree and get outta here”(C) I’m going to treat you to a nice little present: 2 additional questions to my favoritestest band Flunk, answered by Ulf Nygaard!

tipkin Are you good friends outside of the band? Do you hang out and do stuff together?
Ulf – We are good friends, but we don’t see each other much as a ‘gang’ – as mentioned before Jo and Anja have been extra busy, even Erik the drummer had been busy (with baby and his debut album!) – but the guys have a beer every now and then in the ‘off seasons’. But we’re not close – a bit odd, really, since we have really good fun when we tour!

tipkin Who came up with the name ‘Flunk’ and how did it happen?
Ulf – I came up with the name, think I just like the word. And band names that are a bit loser like. The opposite of ‘The Touch Guys’ or something like that! 😮


And… Here are music videos to some of my favorite Flunk songs:

Flunk – “Six Seven Times”

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