I’m really not hard to please at all when it comes to music. Give me something that is well-structured, cleanly put together, has some nice detail and is catchy enough to nod my head to – bam! – I am happy as a clam. Yet this somehow doesn’t happen all that often. Many releases I listen to suffer from various degrees of listener-ignoring self-indulgence, cringeworthy amateurish production (I’m a huge fan of DIY independent music, but if you DIY – DIF(ucking)W(ell)) or just simply being a total bore. Poldoore (alias of Belgian musician Thomas Schillebeeckx) in his Waiting For The World EP delivers the goods in a simple, but elegant and attractive package, – it’s like a sample-size bar of good chocolate – doesn’t fill you up, but is still delicious and satisfying for the moment. It’s a very clever EP, fully understanding its purpose – to demonstrate the skill level and range, and make you want more. Each one of four tracks on the EP showcases different sides of Poldoore‘s talent: setting up the mood in the title track, masterful use of a great instrumental sample (guitar provided by Road Of Silence) on “Moonshyne (Reshyne)”, spicing things up with a bit of vocals on “The Northern Compass” and blending all of the above together on “Honey Don’t Cry”. And all four tracks demonstrate maybe his most important ability – to create a cohesive record, and it’s hard to over-appreciate this particular skill. And if you visit this blog regularly you know that I’m a sucker for a good beat and for a subtle detail. There’s plenty of both on Waiting For The World. I like how playful and creative Poldoore is with his beat, not letting it simply guide the track, making it the exciting and often prominent part of it. And the detailing is exceptional as well, from the cicadas on the opening track to some kind of shawm slowly emerging in the finale of “Honey Don’t Cry”. Poldoore‘s music sits comfortably somewhere in the middle between chillout downtempo and instrumental hip-hop, cleverly staying away from the cheesiness of the former and the self-important monotony of the latter. While not necessarily breaking any new grounds, Poldoore – Waiting For The World EP is a very satisfying little record of an extremely high quality. Poldoore is ‘waiting for the world’, but there’s no reason for the world to wait – the EP is available now on Bandcamp for free.

And here’s a funky mixtape by Poldoore for Miles High Sessions:
002 – Have A Nice Trip – Poldoore by MilesHighSessions

P.S. Some small print – I decided to go without R.I.Y.L. section for EP’s from now on. I think you can take time to listen to 4-5 tracks without additional guidance))

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