Happy 4th of July, my dearly beloved American readers! Fireworks, veggie burgers and light beer. Trip-hop doesn’t quite fit, it’s all about classic rock today. I’ve only heard Grand Funk Railroad‘s “We’re an American Band” a couple of times today, but sun’s still up, my suburban lower-middle-class neighbors are still gearing up for their BBQ’s. But there is a quieter side to every holiday (I think there is, isn’t it?), and I love this country as much as the biker family next door, and don’t have to throw firecrackers into neighbor’s backyard to show it. I’m going to stay home and listen to beautiful music by Hungry Lucy (an American band, too) and watch these beautiful videos by an American artist Victoria Taylor-Gore. They are quiet fireworks of color, texture and music.

“Carnival” (featuring “Balloon Girl” by Hungry Lucy)

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