I apologize for my decreased posting activity. I’ve been working on something BIG, which will be revealed just in a few days. I don’t wanna spoil the surprise (the BIG surprise), so this post has no relation to what’s been happening whatsoever.

Trip-hop community on Reddit is disappointingly small but it does exist. It mostly consists of my repostings of this blog’s articles and various Youtube videos, three of which I have semi-randomly selected for this post. They ended up being pretty interesting, so the idea of raiding Reddit turned out not as lame as it initially seemed 🙂

All of us found out about trip-hop differently. I already mentioned that my first encounter happened while watching a VHS tape with a bunch of random music videos on it, which happened to have Portishead‘s “Only You” on it. For this Reddit user it happened in a more natural way. With milk. Not mother’s (that would be pretty unsettling), but with this European (French?) milk commercial. Amazing. The music used is E-Motion – “This Is How We Are”.

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