Rekevin - NulukatukIt happens sometimes, my dearest readers, that you have to share something very precious, something close to the heart, something that settled in your soul and isn’t ever going to leave it. And right now I, feeling  like a little kid who is showing off his favorite toy, but sure enough doesn’t want to give it to anyone, want to present you with the work of the band Rekevin. The album Nulukatuk came out in 2009 and I truly regret  that it took me until now to familiarize myself with the collective’s music. I can’t and won’t criticize it, that’s how deeply their music affected me. It also seems pointless to single out certain tracks, in my opinion the record is monolithic and every song deserves attention. I just want to say to All the guys from Rekevin (Ksenia Istenko, Timofey Korshunov, Yakov Krivitsky, Igor Levitsky, Alexey Kochetkov, Igor Bardashev) thank YOU for being there!!!

And for you, dear friends, a video, a live recording and the link to the band’s official site.

eng. translation – tipkin

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