Stemvelta“Looking for points of contact and cooperation while working on the material is one of the most beautiful phenomena in music”

One of the most interesting discoveries that I made while listening to Ru-Trip Community vol. 1 compilation (and if you still haven’t done so, please, do yourself a favor) was a Moscow-based band Stemvelta. And not just because they sing in English. It doesn’t really matter, in what language, or what, what does matter is how. I pointed the band out for myself right away for its deep, layered sound, well-balanced combination of electronica and live instruments, excellent vocals and unique style. Naturally, one song wasn’t enough, so I made sure to add the band’s EP Red Knots and Long Dresses to my collection and solicited one of the project’s co-founders Igor Obruchnikov (who is also in charge of all the electronics, acoustic guitars, arrangements and mixing) for an interview.

tipkin – Tell us a bit about the band’s history.

Igor – We started putting the project together with the future bass player Dmitriy Sukhov in Spring 2008. At the time were under deep influence of such bands as Cop Shoot Cop, The Swans, Foetus, Pigface and other industrial rock. I.e. this type of music in particular inspired us to create the project. We gradually started working on the material and looking for people to collaborate. Back then they were musicians from a Moscow post-rock formation Satori Ray, who were our friends at the time. Nothing really came out of our works that’s worth mentioning, there were two totally disastrous shows, all the people left the band and there was again just the two of us left. This is when we made the decision to focus on recordings; we started working on Red Knots…, recorded 3 tracks literally on our laps. Margaret [Kolesnikova] joined us at that time, promising to just record the vocals and not participate any longer, but then changed her mind and stayed, despite 2 other projects she had at that time. Our future drummer helped recording her vocals. And the guitarist was found a year later. Everything somehow came together right away and all five of us started working together, despite the colossal disagreements that existed among us. We’re positively not planning on expanding the line-up.

t. – Let’s talk about Ru-Trip Community. Is it really a “community” of musicians, or just a website that collects material ‘many a little’? Did Ru-Trip Community vol.1 compilation help to raise the interest to the band?

I. – Ru-Trip really is a community. And a wonderful one, and we are very very grateful to its founders for all the work that they do. And the first compilation undoubtedly brought new listeners to its participants, i.e. fulfilled its purpose. At least in our group’s case I can note that. Guys who work in the community are very friendly, adequate and understanding people, which is a rarity for the communities of this kind that are drowned in snobbery of admins and visitors, who get a kick out of talking shit about others. I once witnessed how in one of such communities some “music expert” judged “founders of trip-hop” for the departure from style, like, this is bad economically, and the listeners are upset that they don’t hear the same as 15 years ago.

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