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The Parov Stelar tour movie

The Parov Stelar tour movie

I know Parov Stelar doesn’t really “fit the profile” or whatever, but his/their music is different and great, and I just know many fans of trippy electronica swing that way (pun intended) when they want something upbeat. And fuck “profiles” anyway! This tour documentary looks really fun, and it’s free from Parov Stelar website.

Parov Stelar – The Phantom (video)

A fitting-like-a-glove video for the new Parov Stelar single “The Phantom”. Stelar‘s trademark kitschy, larger-than-life music aesthetics are perfectly reflected in this colorful comic-video featuring a bunch of distinctive characters, and even a plot (sort of), – just don’t try to follow it too closely, to not get distracted from the song! Directed by Markus...