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Poldoore - Dreamworks EP

Poldoore – Dreamworks EP

Here I am, my dear readers, with what most likely will be the last review of the year 2012. Is this the most important of the recent releases? Probably not. It’s a 5-track EP from a young largely unknown musician who (unfortunately) will most likely remain largely unknown in the upcoming year. I cannot say...
Poldoore - Lush Life EP

Poldoore – Lush Life EP

In case you haven’t noticed (we sure have been noticing the shit out if it here in Chicagoland), it happens to be summertime, which means it’s time for summertime music. Coincidentally I have three excellent summer-flavored releases for you and I even wanted to review all three of them in one post, but decided against...
Poldoore - Waiting For The World EP

Poldoore – Waiting For The World EP

I’m really not hard to please at all when it comes to music. Give me something that is well-structured, cleanly put together, has some nice detail and is catchy enough to nod my head to – bam! – I am happy as a clam. Yet this somehow doesn’t happen all that often. Many releases I...