The Rift is big. Huge. Enormous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A quick sweep through its surface in search of new videos returned very satisfying results – all coming from different corners of trip-hop galaxy. Tune up your telescopes.

Sexy-sexy. Monsieur Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, better known (and easier pronounced) as Wax Tailor sports his trademark fedora, but he’s not the one playing a private dick looking for… um… well, yes, A Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in this video for “Dragon Chasers” from Tailor‘s latest release In the Mood For Life. Vocals by (spectacular) Charlotte Savary – one of the many talented guest singers on the record – plus some dark comic book aesthetics – voilà! Great video for a great song. Directed by David Perissere.

Wax Tailor – “Dragon Chasers” (feat. Charlotte Savary)

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