Veell“With time, it’s getting easier to find good people”

Things happen. This Fea(u)ture was supposed to be about a project named iky que, that seemed interesting to me – tight inventive electronica with good female vocals and a taste of traditional Russian music (without the heavy Borscht belching). But in answer to my offer to shed some light on the group’s work I got a sad message that the band is no more. Too bad. But music is there, and it’s not defined by the groups but individuals, and when I got to know the individual, who sent me the sad message, i realized that there wasn’t really anything to be sad about.

I asked Artem, who was the creative force behind iky que, and whose solo career, as I found out, was (is and, I hope, will be) developing paralleled, perpendicular and in every other direction with the one of the band’s under moniker Veell, a few questions. His answers were so insightful, knowledgeable and, … heartfelt, maybe? that I decided to change my initial editing plan and just publish them in their entirety, uncut.

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