You don’t need much to make a good music video. A few very good examples from the last month of 2011 below.

Thievery Corporation didn’t need anything other than their rebel-with-a-cause attitude, always ready for action MC Mr. Lif and the peaceful revolution of the Occupy movement. Funky tune, colorful video, powerful message. Directed by the people. Just kidding, I have no idea.

Thievery Corporation – “Unified Tribes” (feat. Mr. Lif)

(This one is actually from November, but I missed it in the previous digest) DJ Shadow didn’t need anything but sense of humor, a cool concept and a bunch of people who can keep straight faces while doing odd things. Result is a creative funny take on trendy “one-take” music videos. Directed by Casey & Ewan.

DJ Shadow – “Scale It Back” (feat. Little Dragon)

Screenatorium didn’t need anything but a couple of good looking young people (which I imagine isn’t such a hard thing to find in France) and a camera. Directed by Kamikal, good looking young people are Nicolas Bérud and Céline Martinez.

Screenatorium – “How Praised”

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