Damn, February is a short month indeed! Still, I ended up with a bunch of good videos, better yet – very good songs those videos were created for. Let’s enjoy both, shall we! First (and most exciting) – new track/video from Yppah featuring no other but our beloved electronica goddess Anomie Belle. The new album comes out early April and I’m sure hoping to snag a copy for review! The video is trippy, bass is killer, Anomie Belle is magnificent as always. Good stuff. Directed by Matthew F. Smith.

Yppah – “Film Burn” (feat. Anomie Belle)

Lesson learned while searching for videos – Youtube kind of sucks. Tons of search results with only a couple of actual music videos. Here’s one of them – a very “old school” trip-hop from Netherlands, with a very attractive female lead with a very pleasant voice. Video by Video CAD.

Adoma – “Don’t Change”

Continuing the theme of “attractive female singers walking through the woods/fields/hills” is Ella Gray. Soft, dreamy vocals, great scenery – very enjoyable song and video. Video by 2id communication (I think).

Ella Gray – “The Sun In My Arms”

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