It’s time for the first Video Digest of the year! Are you excited? Well, I can’t say that the month was super fruitful for music videos, but I still found a few pieces that seemed interesting enough. And some of the videos found me, like this first one – a brand new music video from a very talented group of musicians called Shine. Their new album is coming out very soon, and I was one of the lucky few to get an advanced copy. Album isn’t trip-hop per se, and for the most part isn’t even “trip-pop”, but I’ll cover it in my review later, for now just enjoy this video that sort of captures the spirit of the album – simple stories, beautifully told. Directed by C├ędric Mouilleron.

Shine – “Judas And Mary”

And this one from Chinese Man appeared on my Facebook wall literally as I was editing this post. Dark, imaginative, unpredictable, very well put together, – much like their music itself. Directed by Fred & Annabelle.

Chinese Man – “Racing With The Sun”

Now here’s a name I’ll definitely be looking into more closely. CocoRosie meets opera meets trip-hop – can’t go wrong with those ingredients in your recipe. Video (featuring all kinds of art-house strangeness) directed by Elena Evangelia.

Sequence Theory Project – “Angel’s Lullaby”

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