Hey all! I’m back from a much needed (and way too short) vacation with a whole bunch of great music videos. Oh yeah. Turns out that different search attempts and methods produce different results, so after a little bit of trying (and trying and trying) I ended up with ten (!) excellent audio-visual pieces that I’m happy to present. Let’s start with a video that actually came out in June, but it would be against every rule in The Big Trip-Hop Book Of Rules to not post it, because it’s from Wax Tailor. Yep, there’s a new video from him, an EP already out and the new album is on its way. And I just found out about all of this today. Where have I been? Why didn’t anyone tell me? You guys! Fantastic song, cool video directed by Mathieu Foucher and featuring hands.

Wax Tailor – “Heart Stop” (feat. Jennifer Charles)

The next one is also great news, because it’s from our “bestest” Friends from Germany – Botany Bay, who took a hiatus after releasing an EP last year (which you should check out). Well, they still kind of are on this hiatus, but it is a productive one – the new single/video is out and there is something else in the works that is mouthwatering and you will find out more in the upcoming Q&A with the band.

Botany Bay – “Fly”

I’ve been listening to the next song all morning. Such a sweet melody and beautiful video from a very international project OHO – they met in India and are based in Paris/London. Want to hear more from them. Now. Video directed by Rannjan Joawn.

OHO – “Alone In Kathmandu”

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