Here I am, embarrassingly late with my monthly video digest. Not my fault this time though – I’ve had an internet-less week (courtesy of the almighty AT&T which with all the money and resources they surely possess couldn’t restore my internet service due to communication system laughably poor for a communications company). It’s over now (my dispute with AT&T – not so much) and everything is back, even though I cannot say that I have as great of a video collection for you today as I did in some of the previous months. Maybe everyone is busy touring and playing festivals or maybe the heat makes everyone lazy, but my principle for choosing videos this time was “any video is better than no video”. But let’s start with one of the few decent quality videos. Actually, the quality here is more than just decent – it’s really good and goes really well with dark atmospheric beats by Z I A H. Directed by Haruka Irie.

Z I A H – “Limbo”

The next one from the Czech project Neon Fox starts out promising with a cool animated sequence but then quickly turns into some sort of low budget smoking commercial + random imagery + semi-convincing fight scene. Yawn. The song isn’t bad though, I enjoyed it. Directed by Adam butch Kubik.

Neon Fox – “Still Here”

I could rip on the next one as well, but I won’t. A friend of the musician got inspired by the track (which really is quite good) and made a video. The musician liked it, but thought that “it didn’t have enough colorful things”, so he re-edited it. I don’t know how much those “colorful things” add to the video, but here you go – video by V. Matveeva, music and “colorful things” by zcr. I think all of us could use friends like this.

zcr – “In The Shell”

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