In the words of my favorite con-man of Russian literature, “life dictates us its stern laws”. As much as I’d like to write posts daily, I’m having a really hard time balancing a (delightful but exhausting) full-time job of being a dad, an (annoying and exhausting) “real” full-time job and this little hobby of mine. So, my dear readers, don’t get mad, please keep checking in even if once a month for these video compilations. I’ll try to make it worth your while.

Quite a few tasty video-nuggets last month, so many in fact that I can now officially refuse to consider shots of blurry moving lights or of a static radiant CGI blob a music video. Below you’ll see how talented folks use their talents (and in some cases a little bit of money) to create something worth watching to accompany something worth listening to.

First of all – Black Era is an awesome project from Italy creating the darkest and most beautiful trip-hop (think Massive Attack – Mezzanine dark and beautiful) and you should definitely check them out and download all their music (it’s available for free from …aquietbump label). Now that we got this out of the way – enjoy their new video directed by Ciro Ayala. Warning!!! Beautiful nude models! Not safe for work or your overall emotional state.

Black Era – “Court Of The Ants”

Next up – Fragile Architecture – an intriguing genre-merging project from France with a very simple but very smart, dark and well-made video by FAb. I like the approach – no bells and whistles, just let the music (and the scary digitized head) do the talking.

Fragile Architecture – “Armure”

Another dark one, urban-nightmare-graffiti-concrete-jungle abstraction from another French project – Scratch Bandits Crew. Some solid turntable skills there and nifty visuals from graffiti artist Brusk and motion designer iceĀ©ream.

Scratch Bandits Crew – “Heart Beat”

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