And again, May was different, – this time the best videos fell into my lap (or inbox) and the rest… are the rest. An uneven selection but (let me drop some retail lingo on you) the blended margin is pretty decent, I think.

The first video was technically released on the first of this month, but since The Hunger Games promo people gave me a wad of money to post it… Just kidding! Yes, the instrumental version of the song was featured in The Hunger Games trailer, but the video for the vocal version doesn’t have anything to do with the movie. Or anything at all for that matter. There are purple crystals, wild animals and, yep, you guessed it, – a young woman slowly walking somewhere. Very nice tune though, so enjoy. Video by Giovanni Aloi.

T.T.L. – “Deep Shadow (vocal version)”

Next up – our good friends Shine with yet another tune from their last release Judas and Mary. A beautiful slightly melancholic instrumental track and a cutely chaotic video, full of windy seashores, sandcastles and fireworks. Video by Damien Rayuela.

Shine – “Et après?”

Following another tradition of my digest – featuring a video from a recently reviewed release – here’s an excellent piece from 2econd Class Citizen. Creatively animated video for one of my favorite tracks on the album features a lot of bug action and brain activity. Not easy to figure out what exactly going on, but hey, that’s art for you, and it’s very well made. Directed by Simon Walter.

2econd Class Citizen – “Change (What We’re Creating)”

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