You wanted some videos? You got ’em! Well, I don’t know what you wanted since no one bothers to comment on anything (ever), but I sure wanted some, so, here you go, tipkin, do I have some treats for you tonight!

Let’s start with something that is so beautiful that it’s going to leave you speechless (which is good, because who the fuck talks during such song). Video for DJ Cam – “Swim” (feat. Chris James) from his latest album Seven stars an unrealistically gorgeous girl who is very sad, then very slowly sheds a tear and then gives us a breathtakingly beautiful smile. And there’s the falling in slo-mo thing, too. Masterpiece. Directed by Sonia Sieff.

DJ Cam – “Swim” (feat. Chris James)

Continuing with beautiful (and with music that I’ve reviewed). “Machine” (feat. Mr. Lif) – one of my favorite tracks from the new Anomie Belle album The Crush, – gets an über-cool treatment by the director Bogdan Darev. Skaters, creepy make-up and chess – recipe for a great video.

Anomie Belle – “Machine” (feat. Mr. Lif)

Sky, water, old photographs and old buildings and many other things in a very creative video by Christophe Thockler “DaBrainkilla” for the track Doctor FLAKE – “Swell Line” (from his new album FLAKE UP). Probably didn’t cost that much money to make but surely required lots and lots of skill.

Doctor FLAKE – “Swell Line”

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