A strange record that seems to be almost purposefully unappealing at first listen. Filled with funky drums and retro-futuristic samples dumped on top of never-ending and never-progressing loops of spacey synths, Toomorrow is a puzzling mess, for which any sort of commercial distribution seems impossible, because the only place you would want to listen to it would be the inside of your giant red-and-white round rocketship headed to Mars, while your clumsy robot butler serves you whiskey and cigars. But after leaving it be, after stopping to try figuring out the puzzle and just letting Toomorrow play for awhile, I suddenly started to realize some things. That maybe commercial distribution is something that Luke Vibert doesn’t give a flying fuck about (when was the last time you heard a Wagon Christ tune in a Lexus commercial?), that maybe Toomorrow is not a puzzle at all, but just this creative chaos, a quilt of sounds – somewhat monochromatic but still full of all kinds of craziness – not unlike the album cover, and that going to Mars in your own rocketship with your own robot butler is a pretty damn cool thing. Beats sitting in traffic on I-290 anyway. And when (or if) you embrace this concept of no concept you will find yourself really enjoying this album. Or not. I did. From the exotic intensity of “Wake Up” to kung-fu bass kicks of “Manalyze This!” to enthusiastic trumpets of “Rennie Codgers” (with its much less enthusiastic ‘Fuck off you prick!’ conclusion) to Run-DMC meets finger-snapping on “Harmoney”. I couldn’t quite get over the repetition of “Lazer Dick” but absolutely loved “Oh, I’m Tired” that has simply everything – from Leonard Cohen‘s guitar to… yeah, monkeys. Is it some sort of a statement (‘Create chaos and mayhem’) or irony towards pseudo-innovators of electronica? Who knows. It’s fun to listen, and that’s all that matters to me.

R.I.Y.L. The Insane Warrior, blacksplotation flicks
personal favs: “Oh, I’m Tired”, “Wake Up”, “Manalyze This!”

★★★½☆ tipkin’s rating

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