Greetings! I hope you all had recovered from New Year celebration and don’t regret any stupid things you’ve (allegedly) done that night. It’s all good. It’s 2011, which promises to be an exciting year for trippin’ the rift. These robo-alien-looking critters on the picture are in fact just the letters TTRR, standing for Trippin’ The Rift Records (logo is subject to change), yep, that’s right, our very own netlabel that we’re hoping to launch by mid-January, with a couple of very promising releases already in the works. Let me know if you’re interested in releasing some of your work on TTRR! More details (and dedicated page) to follow, so stay tuned!

Huge thanks to all of you who still listens to trippin’ the rift Shoutcast Radio, now playing only independent trip-hop/downtempo. New material is being added practically every day, I hope it helped some of you to make one or two interesting discoveries. In 2011, hopefully starting this month, we’re planning to start podcasting. If you have any content suggestions for podcasts, they are more than welcome.

And, naturally, more of the stuff that we’ve been doing already. Album reviews (first up – Frozen Memories by Danny Bow) – there are a few quite exciting releases on the way, I’m particularly pumped up about the new Red Snapper album, interviews (DJ Vadim is coming up) and, of course, my favorite (hopefully yours too) FEA(U)TURESInk Project and Josh Furey are ready to share their stories with trippin’ the rift readers.

What I’m hoping for in the year 2011 is feedback and more feedback from you guys. I’m not complaining, all those Facebook likes and multiplying flags tell me that you’re visiting, reading, listening and possibly even enjoying some of this stuff. I just want to know if this blog is trippin’ the rift in the right direction. I’m also hoping to find some new writers, especially for album and concert reviews. There’s just too much music out there to keep up by myself and as far as concerts go, some of the artists never make their way across the ocean (or even across the country!), so a little help please! I promise the very minimal editing!

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a very successful year. Let’s keep trippin’ the rift together!

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