Special occasions call for special post, right? Here’s a good reason to dig out my underused category JUST TRIPPY. Actually, two reasons, both trippy and exciting – two new tracks from two projects that I love and respect enormously.

THE NEW LAW exploded out of nowhere with this new atomic bomb of a track. Just what you would expect from these guys – jaw-dropping innovation, bone-crushing power and above all – angelic beauty. If this is a taste of what their next release is going to sound like, it better come soon before I drown in my own drool.

The second track isn’t free, but I didn’t hesitate to fork over a hard earned buck for it. The first single from The Atomica Project in two years! With the new amazing vocalist Isabella Farrell. It’s not just a song, it’s a symbol of hope that this is the beginning of the new chapter in the band’s history. And I sure want (hell, I demand!) this chapter to be long! Listen to “The Beauty”. Name says it all.

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