coldreaversThis FEA(U)TURE is very special to me. Here I talk to a musician and a person without whom not only the existence of my tiny but mighty netlabel TTRR would be impossible, but quite possibly the very idea of promoting independent electronica on the pages of this blog would have been mercilessly abandoned. You may already be familiar with his work – if not from the latest release Blue Eyes (my microscopic involvement in which still makes me indecently proud), then from his multiple previous albums, EP’s and single tracks floating around the interwebs. His music has a quality that is pretty rare these days – style. And everyone seems to hear this style in a different way, which is also pretty amazing. Well, without further ado – coldreavers.

tipkin When and how did it all start? Where did the interest for electronic music come from and how did it develop from an interest into the actual creating?

coldreavers – It began around the year 2006, – I didn’t have anything to do and I started working with sequencers and such. I didn’t have enough patience back then and until 2009 I gave up on it and was just a listener. Then in 2009 it all started spinning again, this time for real. At first the works were primitive, with time the level built up. I’ve been listening to electronic music for a long time, as all the other ones however, I don’t have preference to one genre.

t. – Then why in your work your prefer downtempo/experimental electronica, and not, say, techno etc.? Was there a particular influence? Or…?

c. – I just like more melodic and slow music, with BPM up to 100 maybe. And if it’s faster… it just doesn’t fit me. But there are exceptions, like if you take house, I just adore Beach House from Hed Kandi and some of the releases by Defected. I don’t know what influenced me in particular, – I’m not a huge fan of Massive Attack or Portishead, even though Tricky‘s first album I almost know by heart.

t. – Another standard question – what is trip-hop to you and what do you feel when coldreavers is being referred to as a “trip-hop project”?

c. – To me personally trip-hop has expanded so much so long ago that one can shove anything in it. I personally go by this line – Tricky‘s first album is a trip-hop perfection, I haven’t heard anything better. The rest is to some extent repeating it, but still cannot get even close. Well, he cannot get close to himself in his early years to be honest. Regarding coldreavers as a trip-hop project… well, I guess that’s what it is, what else?

t. – No, really, what else? Can you describe your style to someone who never heard your music?

c. – Well, if you think about it, it would probably be some kind of ethnic-hop, or what they called Four Tet – folktronica.

t. – OK, let’s leave alone genres and styles, I know artists usually hate talking about things like that. What is music for you at this point – hobby, passion, life’s work?

c. – At this point I’m sort of at the crossroads. On one hand I love doing that and don’t know how to do pretty much anything else, on the other hand I’m scared of what would happen if I dedicate all my time to music and end up with nothing as a result. I’ll see how the new album will do and then make the final decision.

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