Our friends from Ru Trip Community are keeping busy. Not only are they now a fully-functioning netlabel with the 5th release on its way (I’ve listened to the sampler and it’s pretty damn tasty), they joined forces with a musician from Samara xpand tm [xd tm] to create Eat2Pills podcast. Episodes of Eat2Pills (the 10th just came out yesterday) feature tastefully selected and thematically cohesive tracks from various genres of electronica. The selection of music based on popularity or commercial success, purely on quality of music, so if want to discover something new (or just want to enjoy good tunes) – go ahead and Eat2Pills!

The latest episode of the podcast features 14 tracks by one of the leading Russian trip-hop projects –VFSix (which appeared on the pages of trippin’ the rift in the past). Enjoy!

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