Here it is, my dear freinds, the BIG news. Our very own netlabel Trippin’ The Rift Records is now alive and ready for new listeners and contirbuting artists. Why netlabel? Why not? Musicians should be busy doing what they do best – creating music. They shouldn’t be bothered and distracted with such boring things as promotion and distribution. Those things should be left to other talentless individuals like myself. And here we are – Trippin’ The Rift Records is ready to help anyone who just likes to write music and cares more about people listening to it and less about making money – at least for the time being all music released on TTRR is distributed for free and under Creative Commons license. Spread the news (please-please-please)! You can find us on Reverbnation, and Soundcloud.

But enough technicalities – you cam find all the information on label’s official page. We’re here to talk about music and that’s what we shall do.

I’m extremely proud to present TTRR‘s two shiny new releases. They are both 4-track EP’s, which could hopefully serve as tasty appetizers and make you hungry for the future releases. I personally can’t wait for the LP’s to come out, and believe me, I’m not just saying it as a person directly involved. This is quality stuff, I promise. But you can just see for yourself – it’s just 8 free tracks, won’t take much of your time and none of your money.

coldreavers - Illusions EPOur very first release is from coldreavers, a prolific electronica producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. His music, even though not always (or hardly ever) fitting the conventional trip-hop standards, is pure trip-hop in its nature – the melodies slowly grow and develop, travelling the complicated path gracefully, with a rare combination of beauty and uneasiness – the element of darkness that is essential to trip-hop music. coldreavers has the ability to take a simple (even poppy) downtempo tune and by adding some subtle nuances transform it into a musical mini-thriller, where twists and turns never end, and the story is captivating. Illusions are a peek into an upcoming album, which, according to the artist himself, may or may not sound like the EP. I’m intrigued.

Listen and download here:

You can also get it on mininova, if you prefer torrents.

Three Kinds Of Water EPThe second EP is from a mysterious project called Three Kinds Of Water. The only information that was revealed to me was that there are three of them and they are from Siberia. Well, I guess, tough weather and interruptions in electrical and plumbing services can be quite inspirational. Three Kinds Of Water take us to a trip around the world in the four tracks of the EP, craftily employing multi-lingual samples, but the world they present to us, although breathtakingly beautiful, is at the same time inexplicably eerie. Listening to the EP is like walking through a forest on another planet – you’re enjoying the wonders of undiscovered nature but cannot shake off the feeling of being watched, not knowing if whoever is watching is going to become a friend or rip your head off. “Festival Spirit” is the crown jewel, already getting a good share of deserved attention online. Check those guys out, for all I know this might be the first and the last time we hear from them (even though I certainly hope that it’s not the case).

Listen and download here:

mininova torrent link

Wish us luck, visit our pages, Like us and love us, or hate us, just don’t ignore us, ’cause we’re full of surprises, I guarantee that! Thank you in advance, we’ll pay you back in good music!

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