There’s nothing I love more about trip-hop as a good use of sample… Well, there are some things I probably love more, but good sampling is definitely in top 3. When the sample used is great on its own, but used in a very respectful, innovative and entertaining way, that proves to me that the artist really knows music, loves music, and loves making music. Which makes me love the artist. Almost every song by Backini is a kaleidoscope of wonderful samples. When I first heard “Company B-Boy”, I couldn’t stop listening to it, keeping it on repeat during the entire 2-hour “when-is-this-fuckin’-traffic-gonna-end” trip from work. I mean, where the hell does he even find stuff like Noel Coward‘s recitations? Or who would ever think of using Jungle Book samples in a trip-hop song? Only Backini:

But the best part about good use of samples is that it makes you wonder where those samples come from, and often you end up loving the original song just as much. I truly love beautiful Andrews Sisters and their magnificent “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”:

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