Blue Wonder Power MilkIn March 1997 Liesje Sadonius is replaced as the vocalist for the Belgian collective by Geike Arnaert. I would think that switching the vocalist is not an easy step for any band. Did the collective lose anything from such castling is for You to decide, I think that it’s not a bad transitional step to further productive creative work. Compared to the first, obviously trip-hop album A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular, the band’s second creation Blue Wonder Power Milk looks somewhat muffled, but this is just on the first glance. It’s not that it lost the trip-hop fixins, the vocals aren’t too shabby either (Geike has such charisma that would make lots of singers jealous), absence of hits isn’t true either (“Eden” for instance), but the sound became more quiet, soft, melodic – that is true. This album, I think, became a springboard for the subsequent one-of-a-kind style of the band, for its knockout sound and magnetic vocals. Geike under the leadership of Alex Callier – composer, vocalist, bassist and undoubtedly a unique person, – “lights it up” so that wild horses couldn’t drag away from Hooverphonic. Look at her, how emotional and touching does she play the part of the “human TV-set”, I personally believed it.

Hooverphonic – “Eden”

eng. tranlsation – tipkin

personal favs: “Eden”, “Lung”, “Out of Tune”

★★½☆☆ blond’s rating

tipkin’s favs: “Club Montepulciano”, “Lung”, “Eden”

★★★½☆ tipkin’s rating

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