And I’m back (I actually don’t know yet how long writing will take me, but if it’s posted – I’m back)! Many, MANY exciting releases happened in the past few weeks, the most exciting of course being the release into this world of my wonderful baby daughter. Here she is, tiny and beautiful. Enough baby talk though, there are serious matters at hand. Here are some of the trippy records that I’m hoping to cover.

From my neighborhood, I’m proud to present the debut EP (mini-album, really) by the Chicago’s Tensei – a sharp, confident (yet groovy and vibrant) release. Simple X and Midas Wells demonstrate their skills (and they certainly got them) and many talented Chicago musicians (such as Scarlet Monk or Khari Lemuel) make memorable guest appearances.

Don’t judge the next one by its cover – Kaminanda – Gateways Of Consciousness album art may suggest that it could be some sort of meditative relaxation muzak, and the tribal elements are plentiful but they are just spicing up a no-nonsense breakbeat/dub foundation of the record, offering one hell of a trip.

Of course I did not forget DJ Food! How could I? Combining ultimate darkness with ultimate fun, The Search Engine is a dish that some may find hard to swallow (or even bite into), but they just need to work on their palate. There is an exclusive Q&A with DJ Food in the works, so stay tuned for that as well.

This one is still a sweet mystery to me – I got the copy a while ago, but still hadn’t listened to it – I’m saving it for later so I can savor and enjoy it thoroughly. At least I hope I will. I don’t want to be disappointed, but judging by Frank Riggio‘s previous works, which I’m a big fan of, I’d say the chances of me liking his new LP Psychexcess I are pretty damn good.

And last but not least, a little bright spot of French-ness – the new release from ShineJudas And Mary, which, as mentioned in the previous post, doesn’t really fall into the trippy music category, but still has a couple of very sweet downtempo numbers and what the heck, spring is almost here, time to open our hearts and ears to love and pop music!

A-a-and, for dessert I have a few upcoming interviews – with Mimi Page (who is about to go on her East Coast tour), our very own Aqosto (who is working on a very interesting international project) and The Atomica Project (who are just awesome). This is all coming soon, I promise, so stay tuned!

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