This delicious portion of music+video (music always comes first!) goodness is a bit more personal. Most of the videos below are from artists/bands that I talked about/with on the pages of trippin’ the rift and that I keep following with great interest and pleasure.

Let’s start with the trippiest of all “this is not trip-hop” projects out there. The video for “Josie’s Porch Swing” by Star FK Radium, an instrumental trio from Washington DC, was shot on (gorgeous) location in Iceland. The track (as any Star FK Radium‘s compositions) can have as many interpretations as there are listeners (multiplied by infinity, for it may sound different depending on current mood, time of day, amount of alcohol consumed, etc., etc.), so this tragic story is just one of them, well acted and beautifully executed. Is that thing in the end really happen or is it her wishful thinking (or did her wishful thinking make it happen)? 🙂

Star FK Radium – “Josie’s Porch Swing”

A bunch of cool footage of sea shore, waves and sunrises shot at various locations across Europe accompanies the signature lush sound of Tracing Arcs. “Pebbles & Weed (submerged mix)” is a track from the duo’s new album Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit), which you can (and should) download for free from 23 Seconds Netlabel.

Tracing Arcs – “Pebbles & Weed (submerged mix)”

As a perfect illustration to her words about beautiful and sexy darkness, Anomie Belle shows some skin in a beautiful, sexy and dark video for her new (awesome and very catchy) single “Inky Drips”. I cannot wait for the LP to come out (luckily it’s going to happen very soon – September 13). Watch the video and listen to single (that includes 2 remixes of “Inky Drips” and a cover of Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine”) here.

Anomie Belle – “Inky Drips”

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