In case you haven’t noticed (we sure have been noticing the shit out if it here in Chicagoland), it happens to be summertime, which means it’s time for summertime music. Coincidentally I have three excellent summer-flavored releases for you and I even wanted to review all three of them in one post, but decided against it, because even though they all similarly bright and uplifting, they are still very different in style and vibe and definitely deserve to be highlighted. So, there you go, first up – a brand new EP from St. Louis, MO-born, Belgium-based maestro Poldoore. I really liked his previous EP – Waiting For The World, so I couldn’t wait to check out the new release and indulge in those signature sharp beats and smart effortless production. If Waiting For The World was more of a sampler, a showcase for skills, Lush Life is certainly more of a mini-album, a confident (and therefore more relaxed) record with easy breezy vibe. I couldn’t help but compare it to the earlier reviewed Revolution by Shag, they definitely would fit into the same category of head-nodder’s choice for summer party music, but if Shag‘s work is focused more on finding and combining the right elements, Poldoore is more about thoroughly working on each and every element, cultivating and refining each component of every track until they fit together so tightly that you sometimes don’t even notice some of them, they dissolve in the overall harmony, and you really need a few listens (which you’ll want to do anyway, I think I’m listening to Lush Life like the twentieth time at this point) to really start noticing all the shades, shapes and little intricacies hiding behind the rock-solid hip-hop beat (like the birds singing at the end of “Eazy Livin'” – such a nice little touch). But I don’t want you to get an impression that Lush Life is some sort of dry by-numbers academic work “in the field of instrumental hip-hop”. When I said effortless earlier, I really meant it. It’s like an ocean wave on a summer beach – powerful, clean, playful, full of colors and so inviting and refreshing. I don’t even want to write anymore, my words don’t do this release justice. I really want to do two things – listen to Lush Life one more time and go to the beach.

Poldoore – Lush Life EP is released for free on Dusted Wax Kingdom.

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