Who are, in fact, The Baby Namboos, and why should one actually love them? I’ll try to answer these two questions below. So, The Baby Namboos are, first of all, Mike Porter, mostly known (which was mentioned a number of times) for being Tricky‘s cousin; then there are the vocalists: Claude Williams, Leo Coleing and Aurora Borealis; drummer Mad-dog and bassist Julian Brooke. Now to the most interesting part – love. Ancoats 2 Zambia is their debut and only album, recorded in 1999. I don’t know in what percentage pure creativity and cold calculation adjoin on this record, but the end result is of the highest quality. The album is as monumental and solid as Cape of Good Hope and tasty as scotch, it doesn’t have any excess or weak note. I haven’t heard such an organic record in a long while. An additional plus is Tricky‘s familiar muttering on a few tracks and Geoff Barrow‘s mix of the title track.

personal favs: everything

★★★★☆ Hu7ker’s rating

eng. translation – tipkin

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