When we say ‘rich sound’ it obviously doesn’t have anything to do with wealth. Yet while listening to the new release by UK’s Tracing Arcs I kept getting this strange feeling that this music is literally rich, as in ‘you have to be filthy rich to be listening to this lush sound’. Not true, naturally, especially considering that Eye See You is available for free download at iD.EOLOGY. But it just has that feel of music that being played personally for you, that you somehow could control if you wanted to, but you don’t want to, because you’re a lazy rich pig and because the music is so good anyway. The album has only 7 tracks, but each song is its own little world and is long enough to provide you with a nice fulfilling trip into this world. Here lies the vulnerability of Tracing Arcs‘ music – it isn’t something you just put on while folding your laundry or painting kitchen cabinets. It isn’t suitable for background noise at a party. This is music you actually have to listen to. Otherwise you will probably miss the harmony entirely. And harmony is the most important part here. There are no supporting roles here, only leading ones. Vocals by Fran Kapelle (who also writes the lyrics) and Paul H. Addie‘s layered soundscapes are inseparable and irreplaceable. Whether it’s the mellow psychedelic “Deep Breath”, the gorgeous “Consequence Of Love”, fulled with clear sadness “Sheep & Tides (for Big Al)” or the unusually intense (but still gentle) “So Beautiful”, – they work together creating these slowly progressing mini-trip-hop-jazz-operas that have to be thoroughly listened to in order to be heard. It doesn’t seem effortless, because it isn’t. It took a lot of effort to create and it requires some effort to appreciate. And this is why I cannot accept Tracing Arcs music 100% and it’s entirely my fault – I just cannot put enough effort into listening to music. I hope that some of you do.

Tracing Arcs – “Consequence Of Love”

R.I.Y.L. Cinematic Orchestra, Massive Attack – “Hymn Of the Big Wheel”, dim lights
personal favs: “So Beautiful”, “Consequence Of Love”, “Deep Breath”

★★★½☆ tipkin’s rating

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