It’s True Love Tuesday! Yay!!! It’s been a while, I know, it’s just Tuesdays have been pretty shitty days for True Love lately. Anyway, here we are with the second installment of Trip-Hop International. The first one was well received and I personally loved discovering new trip-hop acts, or finding out where the ones I already knew were from. I decided to just keep going farther down the list of visitors that is located in the right column of the blog. Some shifting happened there on our little ‘hit-parade’ – Mexico dropped out of the Top 10 yielding its spot to the Netherlands. But let’s forget the numbers and ratings, they don’t matter anyway. Only music matters. And here is some great beats from Arts The Beatdoctor (Netherlands) – strangely enough could not find any actual music videos. Help?

Arts The Beatdoctor – “Decreasing Daylight”

Brazil! Some talented musicians were born there but left the country, like Amon Tobin. Others moved to Brazil and stayed there, some of them until their dying day. Like Serbian musician Mitar Subotić (aka Suba) who died in a fire in his Sao Paulo studio in 1999 leaving behind some truly amazing music. Check out this fantastic video for “Sereia”:

Suba – “Sereia”

I find it hard to believe that there is only one trip-hop band in the whole Belarus. But I couldn’t find any evidence to the contrary. Thankfully, this only band is really good and can proudly represent their country on this list. Meet B_Side (formerly known as Rostra):

B_Side – “Нехта”

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